Stock Market Course

Don’t Just learn; Master the stock market

Introduction :

  1. Price INR 6599 or USD 99 one time
  2. Master the art of  finding quality stocks at throw away price
  3. Modern day  FREE softwares sorts high return quality stocks
  4. Course contains images with captions, no theory to read
  5. Team viewer software enables us to use our mouse on your PC
  6. Instant online support through Team viewer to plot charts
  7. Extremely simplified analysis with high quality content
  8. Transform you in to a shrewd, smart & sensible market player
  9. Global course ; you just need to use links related to your region




Trade like a pro in the stock market

  1. Master the art of Stock selection through free software
  2. Learn to evaluate every stock on merits without any pro help
  3. Master the art of  finding quality stocks at throw away price
  4. Learn to find great businesses with free software
  5. You will have list of undervalued stocks with great potential
  6. Learn about free charting softwares
  7. Learn to plot charts
  8. Master the art of plotting charts
  9. Trade like a pro

Stock Market training is must for everyone

  1. Expenses mounting against income in every country
  2. Stock market offers opportunity to make big money
  3. Sharpen your analyzing skills today for trading tomorrow
  4. Analyzing charts is addictive & you will love finding hidden gems
  5. Stock analysis is a biggest stress buster
  6. Just open charts & you will be free of all stress, anxiety & fear
  7. Countless uneducated traders lose money everyday
  8. Changes life of addicts, insomniacs, nervous & depressed
  9. Your life will transform if you pursue with passion

How to proceed in the stock market

  1. Spend time in learning
  2. Learn to plot charts
  3. Study market everyday
  4. Proceed to paper trading or take Virtual trades
  5. Correct your analyzing skills
  6. Proceed to day trading with limited losses
  7. Trade with your family portfolio
  8. Raise stakes after 2 months
  9. Invest in the stock market


Advantages & cautions

  1. Master Stock analysis & get into equity education
  2. Master the art of trading & work from home
  3. Knowledge will help you lead cool life after 50
  4. Professionals, students, housewives can do wonders
  5. You will be in the pink of physical & mental health
  6. Research & charting skills rule over assumptions & beliefs
  7. Plotting charts is extremely interesting & rewarding
  8. you will not be able to sleep at night unless you find a great bet
  9. Stay away from trading the Futures segment for few months