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We are one of the oldest online financial educational institution & we offer the most exclusive new generation stock market online course for Rs.6599 or USD 99. Stock market analyzing is extremely interesting & rewarding. We promise that you will not be able to sleep at night unless you find a great bet for your portfolio/trading.


Stock market rule:
Uneducated traders lose money to educated & smart traders

Our Motto:
Don’t Just Learn but Master the stock Market

Our Promise:
To transform you in to a shrewd, smart & sensible market player

Do not ever trade high risk futures where your capital is at a risk.

Stock market analyzing is a blessing & it is a biggest stress buster in any difficult time of your life, in any stressful time you will be smiling and analyzing charts. It changes life of all depressed, nervous, anxious & any addicts.  It works wonders on senior citizens keeping them occupied even at night when they are unable to sleep; stock analysis diverts mind from all negative thoughts in to a productive & constructive thinking process

You can make many friends on social network at any age with your knowledge on markets.

You will be in pink of physical & mental health as you will be busy finding hidden gems from horizon of stocks available on your stock exchange. Your analysis will refine with time & you can reach analyst level by sheer dedication & application.

What will you do when you reach 60+? This knowledge would be your best friend & shall remain with you for your life so you can easily make good money for you & your family; an earning member is welcome at any age.

Knowledge is power & you are bound to be a winner, those who failed were uneducated, taking calls from brokers & others, may be greedy & with low skill levels.

HR managers, Engineers & all professionals have high skill level & smartness which help them analyze much better; this knowledge would be there with all of you for rest of your life & you all may become so good that you can enjoy life with holidays on weekends & making money sitting on your laptop. Online share trading is the only instant solution god forbid in case you lose a job or a business income declines.

You must join the course & taste it yourself to check if the stock market is a place where research & charting skills rule over assumptions & beliefs. You must test what you have learnt & proceed gradually, do not put in new money initially & play with your family portfolio. You can raise stakes once you are confident for at least 2 months.

You need to have an online share trading account with a stock broker & you must be good to use computers to join our exclusive online stock market training program.

This is a highly interactive course with images, slide show & videos. It is a most unique program on stock markets with Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Market Analysis, Stock selection, chart reading, Trading techniques, Sector valuation, Economic Indicators & much more to grow right from a beginner to an analyst level.

Method of learning :
Log on to our site with log in ID and password and you will be able to access the complete analysis program

Validity :
Your learning id will be active for 1 month from the date of account activation

We are an online educational organization & you don’t need to go to any academy; rather learn at your time from your laptop or a pc & enjoy plotting Technical charts.

Stock market course is mainly drafted for Indian market but we have given appropriate links to shortlist the exclusive stocks from across any stock exchange in the world.

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