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Stock Market courses online


What if we make Stock market analysis extremely easy, enjoyable and rewarding for you;yes we have taken extra care to make this analysis program user friendly and rewarding;

Knowedge is power and right information at the right time is key to success in any business,you can not blidnly gamble/ speculate with your family wealth so you must spend just few minutes everyday to find the quality investment opportunities.

Our stock market program is unique and exclusive as it is extremely user friendly for all class of investors and it is a complete stock market analysis or learning program at an affordable price.


 1) Types of Analysis :


There are three types of stock market analysis;

     a) Fundamental Analysis :

         Deals with working/progress/ profits/ ratios of the company

         Tells you which stock to buy/sell out of thousands of stocks

     b) Technical Analysis deals with charts/ patterns of stocks

          Tells you when to buy/sell/exit

     c) Futures and Options analysis which helps you to find the underlying

         Trend in stocks and indices futures.


 2) How to evaluate any stock, whether to buy or sell

Learn a method to evaluate any stock with confidence which just takes two minutes to analyze any stock at a glance.


 Value invetsing can be defined as :


1) Managing capital

2) Ability to evaluate quality shares
3) Correct assessment of stock price as to its fundamentals
4) Smart & shrewd trading tactics

 3) Analysis means finding quality stocks available at cheaper prices

The whole purpose of analysis is finding quality stocks at cheaper valuations and finding trading opportunities.

Course Contents:


   a) Live Market FII / HNI Trading data Item wise updated LIVE;

   b) Links to important data required to carry analysis for example

       You need to know Debt/Equity ratio for fundamental analysis;

   c) Just click a link and it searches the stocks with best fundamentals

       from across the market;

   d) A complete slide show with 130 slides to simplify the complete

        stock market analysis covering fundamentals and technicals;

   e) We provide you with videos for each and every formation on

       Technical Analysis with Candlestick Analysis, you can view them

        over and over to master  the technical analysis, better than

        any classrom training;

   f)  Ecnomic Indicators;

   g)  How to read results and readymade results analysis;

   h)  Formula to find fundamentally best stocks just by clicking;

    i)  Free live market charts link;

   g)  Much much more to grow you to an anlyst level;

Your success in stock markets depends upon your level of smartness, you must have enough information and knowledge to identify opportunities.

Making money in stock market is a challenge but if you decide to spend little time on analysis and improving your trading skills, you can surely achieve huge financial returns.



1) Interactive and enjoyable learning as compared to other Stock Market courses Online
2) Learn at your time concept
3) Online learning is now modern concept, easy and comfortable
4) Main feature of our program is an exclusive slide show and Videos for every formation of Technical Analysis. just view videos and slide show to learn
5) Just click the links to find the best stocks fundamentally and fast moving stocks technically
6) Complete analysis covered in extremely simple format with website links to provide you information at your finger tips.
7) A complete course which transforms you in to a skilled trader and investor

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Share Market Online Course

Stock Market Training Online



                      Amazing Price Rs.5400/- or USD 90 one time
with live market FII, HNI, Fund trading data Updated LIVE Item wise


Looking forward to you association;

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