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Knowledge is power and right information at the right time is key to success in any business, you cannot blindly gamble/speculate with your family wealth so you must spend just few minutes every day to find the quality investment opportunities. Stock market online course is extremely easy, enjoyable, rewarding unique and exclusively designed for all class of investors at an affordable price.


        Stock Market Analysis



There are four types of analysis related to stock market;

1.   Fundamental Analysis: Teaches you which stock to buy

2. Technical Analysis: Teaches you when to buy/sell/exit

3.   Market Analysis: FII, HNI, DII item wise LIVE MARKET

    trading information + Gainers, losers, High volumes etc.

4. Futures and Options Analysis: Analysis of Futures & options


                          What is stock market analysis? 


Stock market analysis is nothing but finding stocks with exclusive fundamentals where the target price is much higher   to its current market price.


                           What is Value investing? 


1) Managing capital

2) Ability to evaluate quality shares

3) Correct assessment of stock price as to its fundamentals

4) Smart & shrewd trading tactics



                  How to find stocks with exclusive fundamentals?


There are ample of websites doing exclusive research and now data for stock market analysis is readily available on such sites, there are very few stocks which pass our fundamental parameter test and by just using our formula, you can find the stocks with exclusive fundamentals with just simple click. You need to run some filters on such selected stocks & would be left with the list of exclusive stocks.



                   How to find the target price of the stock?


The Stock price target can be derived in two ways, using fundamental analysis or Technical Analysis. The list of exclusive fundamental stocks will show the target price on the same page, for technical targets you need to learn the charts well and believe our words that it is just child’s play for you to learn reading charts well by reading our Technical analysis images.


                    How do I learn to read charts well?


The most important aspect of Technical Analysis is drawing correct trend lines, you will master the art of chart interpretation by viewing our slide show and we have individual videos for every formation of technical analysis, you must view them over and over and master the technical analysis, there are two word files showing simplified diagrams with Targets for western and candlesticks Technical analysis, we have also given you free link to a website where you can read all the charts for free and even intraday charts are available free with very little delay



                     How do I trade intraday?


We always say that sell your own holdings on rise in parts and buy back before close is most profitable intraday trade; you can buy stocks where FII-HNI live market trades are done and we provide you with live market & post market item wise FII HNI data, which by mere 3-4 days practice you can trade every day.



              How long is course duration and learning method?


You just need to log in to our website with log in id and password and your log in Id shall be valid for 2 months from the date of account activation. You do not have to go to any classes as online learning is now popular concept; we have taken extra care to design the whole program to make it easy, enjoyable and rewarding. It is learn at your time concept and we shall extend all the help for all your queries using team viewer software.



                    What can I expect from this online course?


The very first day you log on to our program & read our Equity section, you will be able to evaluate all the stocks on its merit, you will be able to find the fundamentally best stocks to buy, as you progress you will learn to find quality stocks at cheaper valuations, you will be able to analyze any results on your own, you will be able to plot charts and gradually master the art of investing or achieve analyst level with our exclusive course files.


                                    Our promise


We promise to transform you into a smart, shrewd, sharp & sensible market player. Learning analysis is nothing but using simple formulas and even a 15 year old kid can learn without any help, we have designed exclusive slide show for complete analysis coverage and there are individual videos for every Technical Analysis formations, simple, informative, rewarding program for Rs.5400 with learn at your time concept.                                                                                     

We recommend that your grown Kids/ wife/ brother /sister /mom /dad/any family member must join this program, give them few stocks to trade from your portfolio and see their performance; we assure you that they will do wonders. Our sincere and genuine promise that your grown kids will be investors & expert Chart readers: they will never ever speculate, they will trade in exclusive stocks and they will become financially independent in the due course.




  • Complete Stock Market Slide show
  • A formula to find genuine multi bagger calls with Targets in few seconds you run the formula
  • Complete Stock Market Video
  • Technical Analysis individual videos for every single  formation
  • Perfect method to master the “drawing of trend lines”
  • How to read results and how to find quality stocks at cheaper valuations
  • Live market FII HNI DII item wise trade data
  • When to buy/sell/exit for e.g. you should always buy at 3.27 pm near market close time because intraday traders have no funds and are desperate sellers at cheap prices.
  • Most important Data on imports/exports/production of many sectors and products like steel, tea, coffee etc.
  • Much more to grow you to an analyst level



Share Market Online Course

 Stock Market Training Online


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