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    Master the Stock Market


      Exclusive New Generation Master Stock Market Training online program




           Rs.2599 or USD 45


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                                     Our specialty

                         Simple method to find genuine

                Multi Bagger Calls

      Stock Market Analysis


        There are four types of analysis

        Fundamental Analysis (Teaches you which stock to buy)

                       Technical Analysis (Teaches you when to buy/sell/exit)     

                        Market Analysis (LIVE MARKET item wise FII deals

        Futures and Options Analysis


                             Our promise


We promise to transform you into a smart, shrewd, sharp & sensible market player with expertise in chart reading by watching videos, images and slide show.


Master the Stock Market is an exclusive new generation online course, extremely simplified, short and simple to learn; we claim with confidence that you will not find such informative program for this price, the best of the best online course for everyone.


Your personal investment skills will only help you to gain huge returns, our training will help you to sharpen your trading and stock selection skills.

                               Our Motto

               Don’t just learn but Master the stock market



          Why learn Analysis


What will you do when you grow 50 +? Spend time to learn analysis today and probably you may become so good that you leave your current business or job & make your living out of the stock market. We all know that there is a risk of loss of capital in trading but other fact is that many stocks gain above 50% to 100 % or more in short time; we can surely get best returns from the market if we learn & spend time in analysis. The simple option is to learn the best analysis & play with your own portfolio without putting in new money & in the due course you will be much more confident player with own analyzing skills.


Life becomes so good at a point when you become a passionate analyst, you just love finding the opportunities in the stock market & over and above you have holidays on weekends, you get time for your family and your hobbies, you are sitting home and making good money from your laptop, no travelling, no traffic jams, you are away from all business problems like collection of payments, securing orders & so on..You need to follow some rules to live this lifestyle;


     Gain maximum knowledge & keep upgrading yourself;

     Improve your analyzing skills

     Try trading on paper before you actually put in your money

     Book profits & build capital

     Be shrewd, smart & quick with your decisions

     Grow yourself to an analyst level with smart trading skills


               Just a click


Our vast offline teaching experience helped us to design a program where readymade information is “just a click” away.


You wish to analyze “G M Breweries” CMP 118/-


The first analysis is to find the target price of the stock; say it works out to Rs.380 which means that we can shortlist the stock & decide to invest after reviewing its technical charts & other data.


Just click to find the perfect target price of any stock without any calculations which means that you can now clearly define the future of any stock on your own in just 2 minutes.


Just click to find list of stocks which pass our fundamental parameter test and by using our formula, you can find the list of stocks with exclusive fundamentals.


Just click to read the free live market and post market charts

Just click to get live market FII HNI item wise trades

Just click to see the individual videos for every formation

Just click to see the images of patterns with target prices

Just click to see the complete slide show

Just click to view any information
Just click to learn analysis

Just click to get data needed for analysis

& so much more just at a click

How to find the target price of the stock?


The Stock price target can be derived in two ways, using fundamental analysis or Technical Analysis; for technical targets you need to learn charts well through our videos, slide show and Technical analysis images.


How do I learn to read charts well?


Just open the slide show, video and the Technical analysis images at night and just view them at least 3 to 4 times; we have individual videos for every formation of technical analysis, you must view them over and over to master the technical analysis. There are two word files showing simplified diagrams with Targets for western and candlesticks Technical formations. We have also given you free link to a website where you can plot all the charts for free and plot even intraday charts.

How do I trade intraday?

We always say that sell your own holdings on rise in parts and buy back before market close is the most profitable intraday trade; you can buy stocks where FII-HNI live market trades are done and we provide you with live market & post market item wise FII HNI data, which by mere 3-4 days practice you can trade every day.

Buy stocks at 3.28 PM just before the market closes as intraday traders with no funds are desperate sellers.


How long is course duration and learning method?


You just need to log on to our website with log in id and password and your log in Id shall be valid for 2 months from the date of account activation. You do not have to go to any classes as online learning is now popular concept; we have taken extra care to design the whole program to make it easy, enjoyable and rewarding. It is ‘learning at your time’ concept and we shall extend all the help for all your queries online using team viewer software.


What can I expect from this online course?


The very first day you log on & read Equity section,


    You will be able to evaluate the stocks by its merits,

    You will be able to find the best stocks to buy,

    You will learn to identify stocks with huge potential,

    You will be able to comment on any stock with confidence

    You will learn to read charts like a pro as you progress

    You will be able to decide when to exit from portfolio

    You will be able to analyze using fundamentals & charts




  Complete step by step method of analysis

   Complete Stock Market Slide show with Technical analysis

   Complete Stock Market Video 

           Technical Analysis individual videos for every formation

     Perfect method to master the “drawing of trend lines”

     How to read results

     How to find quality stocks at cheaper valuations

     Live market FII HNI DII item wise trade data updated live 

     Formula to find genuine multi bagger calls with Targets

     When to buy/sell/exit

     Data needed for analysis

     Very Important Data on sectors and products

     Much more to grow to an analyst level ….




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